Financial Forum Podcast

Ep 18: Mutual Funds 101

February 20, 2020

Mutual funds have long been a popular investment choice for people everywhere for a number of reasons, but is the landscape changing? We’ll explore the basics of mutual funds by explaining the key terminology associated with the investment and talk about the future of funds as a part of retirement strategy.


Show notes and additional resources: 


Today's rundown: 

0:41 – What percentage of our clients have mutual funds when they first meet us?

1:37 – Tell us what ‘expense rations’ means and why is it important?

3:31 – What about a ‘loaded’ mutual fund? What’s the difference between frontloaded and backloaded?

6:13 – Are there any tax issues that mutual funds can create for an investor?

7:40 – ETFs are becoming more popular. Here’s how they’re different than mutual funds.  

9:31 – How often does Chris utilize mutual funds in client portfolios?