Financial Forum Podcast

Ep 20: The Different Stages of Retirement Planning

March 19, 2020

Building a retirement plan takes time, but your focus should start to narrow as you move closer to that big day. On this episode, we’re going to look at the different stages of planning from 15 years out all the way until that transition into retirement. Find out what you should be doing at each stage along the way.


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Today's rundown: 

0:18 – Let’s talk about the different stages of retirement.

1:07 – What should you be thinking about around 50 when you’re 15 years out?

3:30 – Now you’re 10 years out. What should you be considering?

5:37 – This is the time you want to start thinking about your potential retirement age.

7:39 – 5 years away from retirement. This is maybe the most crucial period.

10:10 – Keep in mind that inflation and taxes need to be a part of your retirement plan.   

11:56 – It’s now your retirement day. Here’s what has to be done.

13:46 – Is planning over now that we’ve retired?